Now Anyone Can Become A Courier

Now Anyone Can Become A Courier

Sign up as a freelance courier and see local courier jobs located nearby – either on an informal basis or turn it into a full-time profession.

4 Easy Steps to Starting Your Own Freelance Courier Business

1. REGISTER FOR FREE – sign up as a freelance courier HERE.

2. DECIDE WHICH GEOGRAPHICAL AREA YOU WILL FOCUS ON – start in your neighbourhood and then include locations further afield.

3. CREATE A CREDIBLE PROFILE – include an up-to-date photo of yourself, as well as a video introduction and a description of what makes you highly reliable, trustworthy, and efficient

4. RECEIVE LOCAL COURIER REQUESTS – whenever someone searches for a courier in your immediate location and is open to working with freelance couriers, you will show up in the search results and they will be able to contact you and negotiate a payment rate for the courier task – don’t forget to ask them to post a review and rating of your services afterwards!